Support During Dying and in Death

Death Doula Services

 The Collective of Death Doulas supporting the mission of A Sacred Passing all offer individualized care that honors autonomy  

Living through dying

When experiencing a death of someone in our life, life keeps on going around you. We have community volunteers to help with meal train setup and requesting supplies from community.  

Notary Public

Travel notary services; 

home and medical facility visits in the Seattle area

South Seattle NODA

Our No One Dies Alone program has trained humans to sit vigil with an actively dying person. We service  Public & VA Hospitals, Care Facilities, shelters, outdoor locations when an individual with a life expectancy of 24-72 hours.  If you are traveling from out of town, we will sit with your human, until you arrive. 

Death Benefit Program

Laws, climate, science, and culture change -- our options have expanded. It is important to understand what is required and what is desired when people die.  Your employees will have access to personalized, affordable end-of-life care. 

Financial Assistance

We are currently raising funds to assist with some of the costs associated with dying for those in economically vulnerable situations. 

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We are only currently accepting applications for teaching crew from those 

who are interested able to grow with our continued education program and increase access to a good death for everyone.  

Please review our mission and core values before applying. 


Ashley founded A Sacred Passing in 2007 and is currently enrolled in a nursing program, with the hopes of taking Death Midwifery into new spaces.