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Medical and non-medical teams

When to request a No One Dies Alone volunteer?

 When you are with someone who is in the last stages of death on comfort care with Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) status,or expected to die within two to three days without local family or friends. 

What if this person may not live through the night?

 Volunteers are available to sit with the dying at any time of the day or night. They have graciously given of their time and understand that death knows no time frame and that they may be called in the middle of the night. We encourage you to activate the program as soon as you notice them nearing the end of life. 

What is the role of a nurse or doctor now that the No One Dies Alone volunteer is with my patient

 The volunteers provide no medical care and are there to sit with the patient, perhaps hold their hand or read to them. Previous responsibility to care for the patient continues. Volunteers may assist with any non-medical comfort measures as directed by the patient’s nurse. 


Where are your small communities? 

Would your church, pre-school co-op, school community, art club, or band like to learn how to support each other in the event of a community members' dying without folks around? 

Schedule a private training 

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January 15th

10:30am - 1:30 pm

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SSNODA Training 

Part 1: Online 

Exercises in thought exploration and 

writing to be done before class. 

Google classroom code needed to access this space.  Please register above. 

Part 2: In person 

training will discuss exercises done at home, logistics of SSNODA, and answer questions! 

Part 3: Continuing Ed

Opportunities for continued volunteer

education through the year