A Sacred Passing's Founding Death Midwife


Ashley Benem

Ashley is the mother of A Sacred Passing (ASP), a Licensed Massage Therapist, Death Midwife, and Minister. For years Ashley worked with and around people who were dying, and she knew we could do better by all of them. She did such by creating curricula that educate individuals on how to care for the dying, individual death plan development, and a variety of subjects related to death and dying. She was the Executive Director of ASP for seven years. She is the creator of the Art of Death Exhibition and Conference and has had the privilege of serving on several steering committees and action groups to support the shift towards a more human-centered Palliative and End-of-Life Care practice. She has also been one of the organizers for the Whatcom County chapter of the Death Café. 

Ashley is our lead instructor in Death Midwifery and Death Doula Education. 

Midwives and Doulas


We are currently accepting resumes for Death Midwives, Doulas and volunteers in the Greater Seattle Area.