As a Non-profit Corporation 501(c)3, your tax deductible donation can help provide end-of-life care options for folks with limited funding, as well as fund our continued efforts to bring free public education about end of life options to the community. We are grateful to receive any donation you may feel inspired to offer and are happy to send you a receipt for your taxes.  

In addition to a physical move, organizational restructure and curriculum update, in 2019 A Sacred Passing has:

  • Held over 140 community events in South King County  
  • Financially assisted 6 families in King County with cremation costs
  • Assisted 17 families with a death.
  • Trained 47 humans in the practice of becoming a Death Doula 
  • Assisted in the completion of over 67 individual Advance Directive Documents
  • Created "No-Fee for our ACP" sessions 
  • Created the Death Benefit Program
  • Cultivated Deathsploration
  • Cultivated Une Bonne Morte 
  • Partnered with the Bailey-Boushay for apprentice placement
  • Join NEDA, WAA, NHFA and PC  

Sponsor Options

Oak: $100,000+       


Pine: $30,000+ 

Maple: $20,000+       

Birch: 5,000+       

Alder: $500+    

Sponsors may choose to remain anonymous or be announced at out annual gratitude event in January.


Your Donation; Your Choice

Donate monthly and specifically support Community Outreach, Vigil offerings or Education  

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