Professional Educational Offerings

DEATH DOULA 1: Death Companion

This course is designed to help educate people on how to better support their friends and loved ones during the end of-life process.  A two day class 9:00 am - 5:00 pm -- the course offers training in the physical and emotional care of the dying and the surviving family and friends. Some of the topics we cover are companioning, body preparation, vigil process, active listening, holding space.  This is not intended to offer training at a professional level, and is recommended for all people who will die, or know someone who will. 

(Prerequisite for Level 2 course) 

$400 - $550

 Scholarships offered for BIQPOC  

DEATH DOULA 2: Practical Skills for a Companion

This course is designed to help support those who wish to broaden their existing health care practices to include some hands on end-of-life care. This course is held over a weekend with classes on Friday night from 6-10, Saturday from 9-5 and Sunday from 9-5.  We offer (re)training in the physical and emotional care of the dying and the surviving family and friends. We will include: how to honor traditional offerings, working with many options for burial presentations, walking though how to complete an DPoA for Heathcare, hands on washing of a body, Hands on shrouding, step by step death plan, and some creative play.  In order to create an intensive and fully supportive learning environment we keep the class size down to 8 so we encourage you to sign up soon. 

The course fee is $450 - $650 sliding scale. 

Death Doula Level 3: You're a Death Doula, Now What

*New in March 2020* 

This course is designed to help trained Death Doulas create their care model. We will cover the following topics over a 12 week period. 

Utilizing our online  classroom, group discussion space, and a 30 minute 1:1 call each week we tackle 11 steps to create  your care model.  

Topics not limited to: Your Resource Library , Local Business Legalities, Website Building, Professional Outreach, Death Plan Details, Medical Aid in Dying, Navigating Advocacy, Community Education, Legal Rights by State , Disposition Options. Creating Client Forms, Community Outreach Project

$1,200 - $2,000  

South Side NODA: Vigil Lead Training

Learn how to facilitate the NODA training for small groups. Upon completion of the training, you will understand how to set up your own NODA program, or plug into an existing one.   

No One Dies Alone is a volunteer program that provides the reassuring presence of a trained volunteer companion to dying people who would otherwise be alone.  A Sacred Passing supports the administration of this program in south Seattle.

 $150 - $300

DPoA Facilitation

 You will gain understanding of how to lead your clients through their Advance Care Directives . 

Join crew of A Sacred Passing for a step by step walk though of necessary paperwork. 

Ask questions, walk though scenarios, and gain familiarity with leading your client through filling out and completing Advance Directives for End-of-Life Care, including Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care (Health Care Agent) and the Advanced Medical Directive (Living Will). 

$200 - $300

Clinical Guidance

We are stronger together.  Our non-medical minds can offer just the solution for some of the difficulties the medical world encounters with death.  We offer clinical in-services for primary care teams, palliative care institutes, King County’s health-care clinics, home care facilities,  and Assisted Living Facilities. 

Just like death, we meet you where you are. All of our training sessions, presentations, workshops and seminars are cultivated fit the needs of your group and the population that served.

Varies by facility 

Abortion Doula Training

As access to choice changes quickly around this country, many folx find their way to Washington State for abortions.  Learn how to support folx before, during and after a medical, chemical or herbal abortion. 

Registration opens Mar 2020 

Organizing a Community Event

Bring your ideas to a small classroom of humans also wanting to host a community event.  We will work in community to help sketch a plan for your event and ways to implement the idea. 

March 25th 10am -11:30am

$25-$50 sliding scale