Community Deathcare

We are stronger together

Who has access to quality Deathcare in the states?  Those with support- physical and financial.  Our work at A Sacred Passing is rooted in elevating the conversation and increasing access to Deathcare for all humans.  

Please reach out to us and see how we can walk together. 

Holding Community Conversations

We will facilitate a conversation around death and dying that speaks to your community needs.  

Advance Directives

Invite us out and together we can work 1:1 to complete DPoA documents, along side a summary of wishes, and or emergency info wallet cards

Community Wake Tree

Do you have a home? Please invite us out to do a home wake assessment.  We will explain what a home wake is, what's required to be an approved home.  Once approved, your home will be added to a list of spaces available to the ASP crew to facilitate a home wake for those without homes.  

Meal Train

A Meal train Lead will assists a group of community volunteers in creating a meal train sign up and cooking  meals for humans and caregivers during vigils and wakes.   

Grief Work

Our grief is layered and can require exact precision to be accessed.  Together we cultivate a community grief practice that works within your organization.  

Community Health Advocates

We offer our health advocacy for folx who need a person they can trust to be their health advocate.  In an emergency, medical professionals will call the HCA  in the event one can't speak for them-self. 

Death and Prison

Our community members behind bars not only lack physical freedom, but the ability to be seen as an individual by the system.  It is our goal to engage our local facilities to allow us to provide Deathcare planning to those behind prison walls.